It might seem odd to be joyful – but – hey, the blood count was high enough and IN I went.  Had my first session yesterday – smaller bag, so it didn’t take as long as three hours – just two.  They seem the same anyway.  It was so crowded, I had to wait for an available chair.

Lots of people are sick – parking at the facility is a nightmare – they even have a parking garage in addition to all over parking around all the buildings.  People in various states of illness – some people hurt so bad, it breaks your heart to see them wheeled about – other walking in under their own steam – some alone, some with a partner, others have an entourage – kids and all.

It puts my bitching in check – going in there – getting out of my pitiful shell and seeing just how many people need this hospital – and then I think of the ones who can’t afford to belong to a Kaiser plan.

I read a story about a woman in Sacramento who bought a warehouse near Loaves and Fishes (Sacramento homeless care center) to turn into a hospice/chemo center for those on the street.  Apparently, her grandson died on the streets and this is a memorial action for her to do in his memory.  wow – the thought of someone in battle with cancer and needing chemo on top of that – makes my eyes tear up.  When I find out more about the center, I’ll post it.

My asthma kicked in with this damp “cold” weather.  I know I used quotes – I see the East coast and Midwest weather feeds and feel as if 50s and 60s would seem like summer to them.  In fact, I do see people in flip-flops and no coats at the hospital – but then again, they probably have a kickin’ immune system where mine has disappeared somewhere.  (Hey, we’re busy fighting your cancer, silly!)

Well, gotta get busy for another session this morning – ONE more on Friday.  Then I am on parole.  George knows parole is, doesn’t he, Susan?  Giggle from Mike’s walk with George in the woods.