I picked up a cold after chemo – guess it’s my resistance is low and the season of cold is upon us.  Had trouble breathing, esp. at night – wheezing is not a good way to sleep – I tend to panic and make it worse by my fear.  so out comes the inhaler – in fact, I need another one, I used so much – so I have a request to the doc for another Rx.  Hope he cooperates.  I do still have my other method – for emergencies – the vaporizer type of inhaler.  It just takes time and patience.  and we all know how patient I am.

I did get out one day to Placerville – it was a sunny day and we drove up there – so I have gotten out – but I am itchy again.  I’ve drawn, written letters, organized my art supplies, washed my clothes, watched movies, taken pills, read books and slept.  the Tibetan monks are coming to Lincoln Hills – I was thinking of going to see them next week.  Their talk is on maintaining a peaceful lifestyle despite the worrisome times.  How about Armageddon, dudes?  The fucking world is falling apart. animals are going extinct, oil drilling on the coasts is proposed, it’s all too horrible to contemplate, let alone survive.  Ok, can you tell I am depressed today?

I’m going to go put on my big grrrl pants and get some hope going today.  so there.  I had an excellent orange today – picked from a tree in my back yard.  it was wonderful and juicy.  thankful I live in California.  thankful for oranges.

Hey, it’s a start!!