I am signing up for an Art Journal class.  I know a lot of the basics, but I need a jump-start to “play” again.  During this illness, I’ve had ideas for paintings and other things, but I quickly lose steam moving forward.  I had this when Joe died – and I took a Bob Ross painting class to jump start my creativity back then.  It worked.  Just being out with people helped – people who share those artsy frustrations.

But planning also is a big step.  While on chemo, it was just going to chemo, relaxing through the side effects and bearing through them.  No plans, no schedules – it wouldn’t matter – I could not tell if I was going to feel well enough to do anything.

Well, I am further complicating things by actually paying for the class – now I know I will go if I have to forfeit $45 for two days of class.  HA – cheap old me.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I finished Shiprock yesterday – will post some photos later this afternoon.