So, what the heck is this?  I forget the name, but it’s good grated over veggies and salads – looks strange?

Lots of people had them at the Folsom Farmers Market.  We had to try one of course.  We had a good time listening to music and petting everyone else’s dogs – one of the benefits of non-ownership, pet them, love them, wish them well when they go on their way.  I’ve had friends like that – never heard much from them when I was diagnosed.  Who wants to hear that anyway?  I get tired of listening to myself too.   I told the therapist how I was feeling and she said I was grieving over my past life.  Darn right.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s all been a loss – loss of power, loss of identity, loss of confidence – why did my body betray me like this?  Well. to be honest – no one or no thing did this to me.  My doctor said it was a dumb luck, so I choose to believe his story.

Yesterday, we were driving through Lincoln, trying to find the skeleton horse.  I saw on a ride last week, but I didn’t have my camera.  So we went back trying to find it.  Oh, and on the way, we wanted to see Hidden Falls, a state park with trails for riding, bicycle and hiking.  We pull it and are met by a Park Ranger – he asked if we had a reservation.  Huh?  I guess starting in January, you need a reservation for the weekends if you want to visit.  This tiny park in the middle of nowhere – but HINT: surrounded by large wineries and farms – guess people didn’t like the crowds parking on their roads (no shoulders on back roads), so I imagine they lobbied and got “their” park on the reservation track.  I was astounded – reservations?  Also, you’ll need to pay $8 a car.  I guess the poor with never see this park.  Grrrr.

Anyhow, found the horse.  If they are so rich, they should feed this horse.  (across the road from the entrance to the park).