I was up at the Activities Desk at the clubhouse trying to book two seats on a bus going to San Francisco to go to the Chinese New Year celebration at the end of Feb., when this parade of people went by laughing and having a good time.  A woman leaned over to me and asked me if I wanted to be in a commercial for Skittles.

I said no and then found out the trip was full – no seats were available.  So then I went to find the Skittles party.  They had a football player from the Oakland Raiders hawking the new brand of Skittles that has tabasco-like hot stuff in it.  People was absolutely giddy over this guy – he was a big man with dreadlocks and no, I didn’t get his name.  I was seated on the group W bench – two groups were ahead of me.  While waiting, I had some good conversations with other people waiting – no one knew his name either.

Well, I watched the filming and then things got complicated as more people found out there was a commercial being filmed – people started getting ahead of other people in line, and the noise was getting too loud for filming.  They asked us all to step inside the building and then the drive-ups started – golf carts and cars filled with old people wanting to be a star.

I didn’t need it that badly, so I left after an hour and a half of waiting.  sigh.  Not patient enough to wrap my arms around being a celebrity in a Skittles commercial.  Oh well, what would I do with the paycheck being in the form of Skittles anyway.

Truthfully, it was downright embarrassing to see those people fawn over a football player who shall remain unnamed.  Sometimes I don’t like people.