In the emergency room – went in for severe pain in my abdomen (near the hernia site).  I was very vocal about the pain – tried to hide it, but it kept on hurting.  So, I arrive around just after Noon – when did I leave?  9 p.m.  One of the CT Scans was down and they needed that to see what was going on.  They gave me some morphine and some fluids, told me to rest until the scan machine was ready (around 6 p.m.).  The morphine had worn off by then, but the pain went away.

Was told to see my primary doctor, which I did today.  He said just monitor it and if the pain happens again, lay down and rest.  Gravity will push the hernia back in the abdominal wall.  Great.  More info than you wanted to know, right?

I want my Monday back.