I attended my first post-cancer treatment art class.  It is a Journaling class – full of tricks and tips to make backgrounds and interesting pages.  I signed up because my art was getting stale – and I wanted to get back into the world of people with like interests.

It was fun learning how to use stencils – we had our pick of the instructor’s toys – inks, paper, stencils and stamps.  I finally learned not to ruin the stencils with too wet an ink.  Well, generally, I tried to use paint, but that was a disaster.  I’ll post some photos when I van download them off the camera.

I also finished Addisyn’s letters for her room.  I’ll post photos of them too.

I slept a lot yesterday – I got a chill in the afternoon and started coughing and sneezing.  Went right to bed and woke up feeling better.

No art class this week – last session is the next week.  Can’t wait!!