with taking a three-hour nap during the day. Still feels good to get into bed after a fun-filled day.

I completed my art class on Tuesday – we had the second class in the morning.  I then helped out at the Club Expo at the clubhouse.  All the clubs were represented.  Our Mixed Media club had a table with all our art work on it – lots of people stopped by.  It was fun.  I received some compliments on my needle-felted galaxies and my collection of Artist Trading cards.  And it was fun seeing all the other club tables from woodworking to learning to play pool.

I did some work in my art journal with stencils.  I really like using them, but I get a page all inked and I think, “Man, I don’t want to screw this up by adding anything.”  LET IT GO, Janice.  Have some fun – do it over – take risks.  I spend too much time trying make it look like something.

I have artist friends who paint flowers that look so real, you want to touch them.  Mine look flat.  There I go again, self-criticizing my work before it’s even done.  LET IT GO, Janice.  Just have some fun – you just might discover yourself in the process.  I didn’t realize I was so uptight and doubtful.  I guess that is one reason I took the class – the other reason was to get back in with people doing what I like to do.  Getting sick is so isolating.  I have to be careful of germs, cold drafts, walking distances, not carrying anything heavy, etc.  I really felt good on Tuesday – looking forward to seeing what other classes I can take.

Oh, Mike and I wanted to get on the bus ride to Chinatown in San Fran for the New Year’s celebration – but the bus was full.  I signed up for the waitlist in case anyone cancelled.  It was last Sunday – the bus was leaving at 8:30 and someone did cancel – 10 minutes BEFORE the bus left and they called us – 10 freakin’ minutes.  Sorry, I’m not that flexible.  The weather was cold anyway.  I was lucky I didn’t go.

Back to the art journal.  I’ll post some photos.