My cousin, Marian, came to visit!  We had a grand time showing her our house and the clubhouse.  It was so good to see her!  Made my day!


I just noticed my eyebrows have not grown back yet.  I am having some fuzz on my head – it remembers what hair used to be and now it is growing back.  Finally!  Oh well, not the time to focus on looks – living is the big thing now.  Oh, and I left my gloves on for the photo – great move there, Janice.

I have my scan on Monday to see if the cancer has returned or not.  I don’t meet with my doctor until Friday, so it will be a long week.  Trying to keep my mind from spiraling in and down – maybe a small road trip? More art?  Movie binging?  (I did watch the pilot for Battlestar Galactica this week.  I could watch that series over and over.  Who knows?

“Starbuck, what do you hear?  Nothing but the rain, sir.  Well, get your gun and bring in the cat.”  Have no idea what that means, but I’m looking for the cat.