Mike’s sisters, Pat and Katherine, flew out from Georgia for a week for a visit.  We’ve been seeing the sights – well, as much as you can when it’s raining.  Sadly, we had a couple of really cold and wet days.  We had sun when we visited the Folsom farmers’ market and the prison.  Also, sun was with us when went to Old Sac.

Had the best chow mein at Fat City in Old Sac – they have a great menu.  Construction is still going on replacing the wood ties on the waterfront.  The whole area looked a little worn – guess all the money is going to the stadium downtown.

I also saw more homeless people than ever before.  We were there in the late afternoon, so I guess they were picking spots for the night.  The Bee has been doing a running article on public toilets for the homeless – there are none, so our downtown IS the toilet.    We need a place for decent care of basic necessities, like toilets, showers, medical care.  (And no, not prison.)