… on getting back my strength.  I’ve been walking and swimming – well, walking in the pool – not swimming.  Never managed to learn strokes.  Hey, after almost drowning when I was a kid, getting in a pool is real feat for me.

then, my hernia gave me problems.  I had to take a three-day rest in bed for all the symptoms to go away.  Now, I am starting all over again.  Today, I went to an Art Journaling class to learn some more techniques.  It was so much fun.  Had some coffee to power my session – worked like a charm until the letdown around 10:30 a.m.  But I kept at it.  Had a great session and saw some friend who showered me with compliments!  Wahoo – just what the psyche needed.

My late son, Joe, would have been 51 on Monday, April 9th.  It seems insane that he’s been gone for so long – 30 years this December.  I keep wondering what could have been.  I could have been a grandma maybe.  all the things he never got to do haunt me daily.  But that is something I cannot change, so I live with it – I incorporate his death in my life.  I see a baby, I see Joe when he was little.  I always give them a little smile remembering what fun he was at that age – always curious – always looking behind the scenes – always “seeing” what other people don’t – a flower glistening with dew, a person that needed help, etc.  Sigh.  At least I have my memories.\


I am also dusted off my camera and took some photos.  Enjoy.