Been working hard on recovering from the appendicitis attack.  They opted not to operate because of complications, so I am on antibiotics and other assorted medicines to recover from a week in the hospital.

I cannot write about the hospital.  My emotions have not solidified enough to talk about it.  Depending on others for basic bodily actions while in excruciating pain is demeaning and barbaric.  That’s all for now.  I see my trips to the bathroom under my own power empowering now.  The pain has subsided due to the meds and I slept most of the night last night – a gift.  I tell you it is a gift.

I am still using the walker and moving slowly.  My strength is being built back up slowly.  I have a rigid schedule of medicine that I am following for it seems to bring relief and gives me back a sense of hope.

I had good dreams also last night unlike the previous two nights.  I feel that it is because I am home.  Home was always important to me.  It is my refuge, my recharge, my safe place and being here has comforted me and empowered me.

I actually drew today.  My art has always been a place for me to sort things out.  I am also reading an 1100+ page book on my Kindle – now that is escape!  Keeping my mind in a good place is a daily battle and reading helps me concentrate.

I just wish my body will get back its spark.  It’ll be a long journey, but I am up for it.